My thoughts run wild & my imagination runs free.

Suicide will forever be a touchy subject to me unfortunately. Losing loved ones is never easy though. I remember the thing I hated hearing most was “don’t worry it’ll get easier”, not to sound bitter or anything but that was a load of crap. It never got easier, and still hasn’t. I think you just learn to deal with it better. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it got easier. Everyone deals with death differently though…

Things are only awkward when you make them awkward.

Mixed feelings.

— I really do miss you at times. But now, I don’t think that’s something I’d tell you. I don’t know that there would be a point. Do you even miss me? Yeah the thought has crossed my mind… These types of feelings pass. Maybe not soon or as quickly as I’d like, but I’m sure they shall fade away sooner or later.

So you know who I am..

-Reblog so people know who you are

Name: Valencia

Tumblr Name: jlence

Nickname(s): Lence, Lencey, Lenceyboo,

Birthday: 102389

Relationship Status: single

Random fact about you: i only eat oranges if they are cut into six pieces. my left shoe always goes on first. I tend to buy a lot of grey/black clothes or coral.

Lence :)

Colored eyes.

I am most definitely a fan of colored eyes. However, I am not really a fan of fake colored eyes. Meaning I’m not a fan of colored contacts. Especially when chicks wear them. Or anyone really…

Come on now! Lose the contacts! They are not helping you out one bit.

Drifting Away.


Lately I feel like I’m drifting away from certain people in my life. Like we all might be growing apart. I could be to blame but thats unlikely, or they could be to blame, who knows? Its sort of weird, just bc I’m so use to having certain people around all the time. But maybe it’s just a temporary thing…Well all I can really do is sit back and see what happens.


I just want to go on a vacation already. Like NOW! Any where would be great. For at least four days or so. Some place like Cali, New York, Florida, Australia, Colorado…

I thought it would’ve taken a bit longer than what it has but I think I’m finally content with everything. Letting go can be done. It’s not the easiest task but very much capable of being done. I realized there wasn’t much of a point to be sooooo upset and sad about something that wasn’t my fault whatsoever. Especially when the other person could careless. Yeah it sucks how shit turned out but I’m rather certain it turned out this way for the better. I know I tried my litto heart out and did all I could. I gave way more than what I got in return but it was def a learning experience to the least. I’ll just take what I’ve learned and apply it to the next one. I’ll take the negative and use it as a positive reminder for the future. You live and learn. I don’t wish things turned out differently either. This was really just finally it for me.

I guess it’s just a matter of acceptance. I gotta learn to accept things for what they truly are and what they are not. I know that I gave and continue to give way more than what I get in return. Maybe its time to put a stop to that. I’ve tried and tried and have tried my little heart out only to get the short end of the stick yet again, unfortunately. Yeah progress has been made, but not nearly as much that should’ve been for the amount of effort that was put in. Baby steps though right? Ehh. Or maybe I should start accepting this will never be more than what it is right now.